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Minority College Relations Program
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Legal Authorities

Minority College Relations Program

  1. Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended
  2. Civil Rights Act of 1978, Title III –requires each Federal agency to implement special recruitment of programs to eliminate under-representation of minorities and women in the Federal work force.
  3. EEOC, Management Directive 715 –Instructions for the Development and Submission of Federal Affirmative Employment Multi-Year Program Plans, Annual Accomplishment Reports, and Annual Plan Updates, October 1, 2003
  4. Title 29, CFR, Part 1607, Affirmative Action Appropriate Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as Amended
  5. Title 29, CFR, Part 1614, Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity – Requires a continuing affirmative program to promote equal opportunity and to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices and policies
  6. Executive Order 12821, April 17, 1996 – Educational Technology ensuring opportunity for all children in the next century
  7. Executive Order 12928, September 16, 1994 – Promoting procurement with small business owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantage individuals, HBCUs and Minority Institutions
  8. Small Business Act 15 USC 637
  9. HBCU/MI – 34 CFR 608.2
  10. Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, 20 USC 1135d-5(3) and 1059c(b)(1)
  11. Executive Order 13021, July 3, 2002
  12. Equity and educational land grant status Act of 1994, 7 USC 301
  13. Executive Order 13166 – Improving Access to Services For Persons with Limited English Proficiency, August 11, 2000
  14. Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance Act of 1978, 25 USC 1801
  15. Public Law 95-471- Navajo Community College Assistance Act 1978
  16. Title II, 25 USC 640A
  17. Executive Order 13096, American Indian and Alaskan Native Education
  18. No Child Left Behind Act, PL 107-110
  19. Executive Order – 13270 – White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities, July 3, 2002
  20. Title 29, CFR, Part 1605, Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Religion
  21. Title 29, CFR, Part 1606, Guidelines on Discrimination Because of National Origin
  22. Title VI – Federally Assisted Programs
  23. Title IX – Education Amendments of 1972
  24. Executive Order 13125, amended, increasing participation of Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Federal Programs.
  25. Executive Order 13216, June 6, 2001, Increasing Opportunity and Improving Quality of Life of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  26. DoD 1440.1, The DOD Civilian Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program
  27. Executive Order13230, Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
  28. AR 690-12, EEO Program
  29. 10 U.S.C. 2323, Armed Forces: General Military Law: Part IV – Service, Supply, and Procurement: Contract goal for small disadvantage business and certain institutions of higher education
  30. Executive Order 13152 – Equal Employment Opportunity in Federal Government
  31. Executive Order 13256, February 2002, Advisors for Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  32. Executive Order 11246, as amended, EEO and Affirmative Action Guidelines for Federal Contractors Regarding Race, Color, Gender, Religion, and National Origin