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Intern Program

Department of the Army Interns are critical to Army's mission. The Army is able to maintain quality and diversity in the civilian work force through its intern program. Army Regulation 690-950 governs the development, operation and administration of the Army's civilian career programs.

Interns are in training for two years and follow a Master Intern Training Plan (MITP) which is a comprehensive plan that outlines the core competencies an EEO intern should master by the target grade level. The Plan identifies basic and advanced courses to be mastered in sequential phases. Formal courses required in each phase of training are shown in the MITP. Competencies to be gained through on-the job-training are spelled out and require vertification by the intern and his/her supervisor. Using the MITP, each intern will develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which is a written plan tailored to the intern's unique knowledges and abilities.

A copy of the Master Intern Training Plan (MITP) is available here.